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Sunday, November 20, 2011,10:03 AM
Haha got a new high score! Hahaa
Wednesday, November 2, 2011,12:48 AM
haha, suddenly an idea struck me. haha. the idea is to advertise using motor bike! lol.

like e passenger will have a lot of those stickers that can be stick on to the windows of the cars. so here goes, e passenger will stick them on the car while he/she is traveling. haha. just spread out your arms haha
Tuesday, October 25, 2011,9:56 AM
Haha haven been here for SO long. Haha now I came here because I just downloaded the app on my phone. Y I dl this app cos my sis in law wants to blog using her phone so here I tried finding the app and ta da. Really have this app. Sorry I know I'm slow haha. Now with this app I think I might blog more often haha.
Saturday, March 26, 2011,2:05 AM
woohoo! haven been updating. haha. ok so basically i am in china now. everything is ok, haha. except everything is money! hais. haha. is like everything we do,we will think of money.. i am been wanting to go back to sin. let's hope time fly faster, actually it is quite fast le. i am here for 3 weeks already! haha.. oh n i realised being here has more motivation to do work. at least a bit more compared to sin cos i never watch tv here n never really go out. cos not tat convenient. or rather cos my friends never go out then i oso stay in hostel... actually i want to explore more. like we can go n see sakura haha. now is the season. n many places like han kou etc but tat want need to guo hai. oh n i am trying hard to look for souvenirs! although there is still a lot of time... i dunno wad to buy haha. hope i will see something suitable to buy haha.. ok tat is abt all. i need to do my hw le even though i am reluctant to... but cannot! my target is to complete by today. although a bit mission impossible but i will try!
Sunday, October 31, 2010,12:06 PM
ok. sch started for 1 week. i am so stressed out. lol ok la. not tat bad, just tat i fell like i have lots of things to do yet i dunno wad to do/ forget wad i need to do. i was packing my bag juz now n i keep forgetting. i pack a bit then went to do something else then after some time then i remembered tat i am packing my bag. omg. oh ya, now i rmb i need to put something in my bag. hais. which i keep telling myself to put in juz now yet i still forget. hais.
ok. got to memorize table for con lan now...
Thursday, October 21, 2010,2:53 PM
haha after so long i am here to blog again.lol.
ok here goes... actually is some thoughts i have after learning abt wat happened to my classmate..

um, she has a " younger brother" is friend la.haha. then this guy is in love with a girl whom my classmates hates as this girl did something to my classmate's best friend. but i dunno wad exactly. so because this girl, that guy decided to sever all ties with my classmate despite their 6 yrs friendship.
so i am thinking are friends really the ones u can rely on? are friends more important or loved ones? (e loved ones i mean is bf/gf) at this age i dun think they are confirmed they will be together right? is it worth it to lose a best friend? personally i feel he will regret, n my classmate here is tat kind who decided on something n she will not change. so this guy msg my classmate to say to sever all ties, n there is no turn back for him...

so who do u trust most? or rather who should we trust most? their 6yrs of friendship is gone juz because of that girl who e guy love now, it might juz end in a few yrs down e road. but e friendship is gone forever... think abt it....
Sunday, July 25, 2010,11:11 AM
haha.this sem is more or less over! yay. happy, haha , YOG,HOLIDAYS here i come. done with assignments. left podcast. haha. n a test n weeks after a exam n no more haha.
never do anything much this weekend, i even slept for more than 10 hours yesterday lol. like from fri 3am to sat 7pm lol. i missed e yog thing lol. bt nvm next week have another one nearer to my house. haha






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